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     Welcome to the Bledsoe's Sanitary and Linn Septic Service's Web Site. We are here to help you and your septic needs. We are a family owned business and we have been serving Central Oregon since 1950. We service a broad spectrum of towns and areas in Central Oregon. Redmond (our home base), Terrebonne, Bend, Tumalo, Sisters, Black Butte Ranch, Camp Sherman, Culver, Three Rivers, Metolious, Madras, Warm Springs, Powell Butte, Prineville, La Pine, Sunriver, Alfalfa, Mitchell, Post, Paulina, Cresent and Christmas Valley.

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                                                        Caring for your Septic                                                          

The first part of an on-site sewage treatment system is the septic tank. From the house, raw sewage flows into the tank. The solids separate from the liquid and stay in the tank, but some liquid flows out and is called "septic tank effluent". A septic tank is water tight; when five gallons of sewage flow into the tank, five gallons of effluent must flow out of the tank.

The septic tank might also be described as a settling tank where the sewage solids are stored. Anaerobic bacteria in the septic tank work to decompose the solids and reduce their volume. Some household chemicals interfere with the growth of these important bacteria. Examples of "bacteria killers" are: automatic dishwashing soap, bleach, strong household cleaners, and anti-bacterial soaps. The bacteria never reduce the volume of the solids completely, so a residue remains. It is this residue that must be pumped out of the tank when the volume becomes too great.

The scum on the surface of the water in your tank is a good gauge. If your tank needs pumping there will be eight inches of this scum (a shovel's blade depth or so). A pumping schedule of every three years is recommended for a family of four using a 1,000 gallon tank. Letting excessive solids accumulate will cause them to go out into the drain field. The solids plug the drain field, reducing its efficiency and eventually ruining it. Compared to the expense of replacing your drain field, the cost of regular maintenance for your septic is very reasonable!

Know the location of your septic tank and keep it accessible for pumping and service. You may never know the importance of this until you need service, then realize that the septic tank is under your nice new deck, concrete driveway, six feet of fill dirt, or beautiful landscaping.

If you have any questions about septic systems or service, call and talk to us. Linn Septic Service has been serving Central Oregon with professional integrity since 1950. We are a service business and service is what we do. We provide septic tank pumping, septic inspections, tank and drain field locating and bacterial additives for both residential and commercial clients.